Alcohol Testing

Consolidated Health Management Team offers Alcohol tests by Certified technicians Throughout the country.  We offer alcohol testing:

1-Alcohol breathalyzer screens

Consolidated Health Management Team offers alcohol testing in compliance with Federal DOT regulations. Our Nationwide drug & alcohol testing facilities provide the following services related to DOT regulation.

  •  DOT Training
  • Alcohol Testing Policy Creation
  • Random Name Generation
  • DOT Consulting
  • On Site Drug and Alcohol testing

2- ETG & ETS Urine and Hair  tests

Consolidated Health Management Team offer  ETG/ETS alcohol testing which detects alcohol usage up to 80 hours after consumption. ETG hair testing is available.

Ethyl glucuronide (or ETG) is a metabolite and is identified as a marker in alcohol which is only produced by Liver when alcohol is consumed.

3- Saliva alcohol Testing

Even though Saliva alcohol testing has proven to be reliable however, it is used in emergency situations where recent alcohol use must be detected immediately.  This method is not used for Federal Regulated testing or to detect the pattern of alcohol use. We provide saliva alcohol testing nationwide.

3- blood PETH alcohol Testing

PETH blood test will determine the use of alcohol for approximate one and a half months.  A blood drawn is required to determine this test. If the individual is exposed to alcohol within the certain time,  the PETH test will be able to detect the bio markers present in the body

After hour post-accident Mobile drug testing services offered


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DOT and Non DOT drug test

Difference between DOT and Non DOT urine collection
DOT urine collection follows federal regulation protocols; however, the Non DOT is not. In DOT urine collection, the donor is required to provide 45 ml urine. The collector pours 30 ml of the urine in the specimen bottle and will be sealed by “A” label and 15 ml in another specimen bottle and will be sealed with “B” label.

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