Become an affiliate drug Testing Collection Facility

Consolidated Health Management Team is a third party provider is a first and only affiliate program which is not a franchise.

Consolidated Health Management Team has developed a program to help individuals who are interested to own a drug testing collection facility without the hassles and fees of franchise ownership.

Consolidated Health Management Team provides a program that consists of DNA/paternity collection certification, Urine, hair, saliva, sweat, fingernail and alcohol testing certification, training, setting up with major labs and third party administrator, consulting and marketing with a one time start up fee.

Here are some of the benefits of being part of an AFFILIATE Program:

  1. As a business owner, you keep all your profit.  No profit sharing.  You keep what you make.
  2. One time start up fee which includes training, certification, marketing and consulting
  3. You don’t  pay the franchise fees.
  4. You also are able to take advantage of the lower prices on the supplies.As an affiliate you will be able to receive lower pricing on the supplies.

Here are some examples of companies which are mandated by federal government to have drug testing:

Transportation industry such as Trucking, Limousine, Bus Drivers, Train operators, Pilots, flight attendant, ship operators, crane operators, pipeline industry, etc

We provide the following training and certificates:

  • Supervisor training Certificates
  • Breath Alcohol technician
  • Saliva test Screening technician
  • Employee drug free training
  • Dot and Non DOT urine collector certificates


Preferred consultant of Public Utility Commissioner (PUC)



After hour post-accident Mobile drug testing services offered

 Multiple locations, Nationwide

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Recent Posts

DOT and Non DOT drug test

Difference between DOT and Non DOT urine collection
DOT urine collection follows federal regulation protocols; however, the Non DOT is not. In DOT urine collection, the donor is required to provide 45 ml urine. The collector pours 30 ml of the urine in the specimen bottle and will be sealed by “A” label and 15 ml in another specimen bottle and will be sealed with “B” label.

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Dr. Mersedeh Eghdami

Consolidated Health Management Team # 11

dba Northern California Drug Testing Clinic

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