DNA Paternity Testing

Consolidated Health Management Team’s certified technicians can collect Cheek swabs to collect a DNA specimen to be analyzed by a licensed laboratory to determine paternity and also genetics of the individuals tested.

Our DNA Laboratories are participating in a number of national and international accreditation programs, including AABB (American Association of Blood Banks), Forensic Quality Services International (FQSI) and the New York Department of Health. We have contract with all the DNA laboratories in the country and we pass the savings to our clients.

We can test items such as toothbrush,women’s panty crotches or blood-, saliva-, or semen-stained items, collars, waistbands, hats, bedding with vaginal/semen stains or rubbed off skin cells), fingernail clippings, cigarette butts, toothbrushes, hairs in razors and hairbrushes, discarded facial tissues or handkerchiefs with nasal secretions, condoms, gum, feminine products, pathology paraffin blocks or slides from previous surgery or from autopsy,  teeth, blood, buccal swabs, hairs, bone,  tissues from internal organs (including brain), muscle, and skin.


Now days, “Expert DNA Testing Professionals!” seem to crop up out of every nook and cranny on the internet and locally with multiple, fancy web pages guiding and educating you on “the sophisticated world of DNA!”, these folks are really trying to justify their high prices by telling you that their tests or the laboratory that they use are somehow superior to others! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH IN THESE STATEMENTS!

and here are some of the most common sales pitches:

1- “AABB Accredited, highest quality testing!” or “all tests are run twice!”

The fact is that all AABB Accredited Laboratories must follow the same stringent standards set forth by the Organizations like AABB and are periodically inspected for compliance to keep their Accreditation valid. All our Parent Laboratories are AABB Accredited. These Labs meet the toughest requirements to perform the highly regulated U.S. Immigration DNA Testing Programs in coordination with the United States Embassies around the Globe.

2- “Fastest Turn-Around Times”, “Results in 2 to 5 business days!”

Most Qualified Laboratories can achieve results from standard samples within 2 business days, in fact 98% of our Clients have received their Results within less than 48 hours of the Lab receiving the samples. However, there is exceptions where extended or additional testing is required, but for us it’s been less than 2%  and we have countless testimonials to back this claim. just ask;   (650) 669-6567

Again, the fact is that Certification is for accurate and precise documentation (i.e.Court-Admissible Chain Of Custody Forms) along with correct specimen collection techniques and preservation of the specimen integrity for packaging & Shipping are the standard and essential requirements in this Industry and must be followed accurately.

3- “Certified, Licensed DNA Specimen Collectors and/or Collection Facility”,

Adhering to these standards does not constitute any superiority for any testing facility over another! In fact the companies that do not follow these standards, should not be in this business!


call us First or call us Last, (650) 669-6567, you will save!

Also, be very careful with sites using 800 numbers with no physical location address (at Home Collections, etc).

Now that you are familiar with the standard Facts in DNA Testing and some Bogus Fictions, here are our DNA Services:

Simply Put, we perform all phases of any advanced, “technologically available” DNA Testing, from the most common Paternity Testing (Court Admissible or Private) to the most sophisticated, such as Genetic Pre-Disposition to Disease Testing or Prenatal Paternity Tests.

We can test Standard Samples such as Cheek Swabs, Hair or blood (required for court admissible cases). Or if you require Private Testing on Forensic, non-Standard specimens, we can process all kinds of non-standard samples, such as a few hair strands or toothbrushes to chewing gum, cigarette butts or Band aides, Etc.

(your lowest prices, GUARANTEED) call us at (650) 669-6567 with any questions, (you will not get a pushy “professional sales consultant!”)

You will get honest, straight forward answers.

We Offer two methods of Paternity Testing:

1- Complete Paternity Test ( No Hidden Charges!)

Lab results in 2 business days.  These tests can be court admissible when the specimen is collected by one of our certified staff at the clinic and a Chain Of Custody Form has been established.  Call us with your particular case and your questions! (650) 669-6567

2- Fully Court Admissible Paternity Test ( Mother can test for free) Lab results in 2 business days.

These tests are recommended when serious Child Support or Child Custody Court Litigation is anticipated by any involved party,  AABB Accredited results for immigration and Citizenship cases, where the US government requires AABB Accredited DNA Testing to prove biological relationship between petitioner and the beneficiary.

We have hundreds of affiliate collection sites in the US and Abroad, We will have a location near you for your court admissible collections. Questions! Call (650) 669-6567

3- Immigration DNA Testing;

Pricing will vary for each country, $385 plus S & H in immigration and Citizenship cases, the US Government requires DNA Testing to prove biological relationship between petitioner and the beneficiary Call us for LOWEST PRICES, GUARANTEED !

Questions! call (650) 669-6567

4- Twin Zygosity:

Fraternal twins have different genes. They were conceived from different eggs and sperm. Fraternal twins may be of the same sex, or, they may be of different sex. The DNA twin zygosity test determines whether twins are identical or fraternal.

5- Grandparentage:

In cases where the alleged father is deceased or unknown, the paternal grandparents can be tested to determine the likelihood they are the child’s true paternal grandparents.

6- Siblings:

Full siblings are individuals who have the same biological mother and the same biological father. Half siblings share only one parent.

7- Family Reconstruction:

In cases where the alleged father is deceased or missing, a DNA reconstruction test may be performed.Such DNA testing is possible because the genes of the deceased or missing alleged father are present in his known biological family members (i.e., his parents, his siblings, his known children).


Your child’s GenCodex (personal DNA identity print) demonstrates your child*s genetic similarity to family members as well as the genetic uniqueness that distinguishes your child from the rest of the world.

Your child’s personal DNA identity remains constant from the moment of conception to the end of life.

9- Prenatal DNA

DNA test while pregnant from 7 weeks.  Call for detail

10– Forensic DNA

Here are a few reasons why clients choose a formal court admissible test. A Judge or Attorney has requested a copy of the paternity test result

  • Immigration
  • Child Support
  • Divorce
  • Tested Parties in different States or Country
  • Criminal Case
  • DUI comparison DNA
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Adoption
  • Inheritance
  • Estate Planning
  • Rape Cases
  • Coroner DNA

Examples of Forensic Samples:

  • Dried Blood Stains on Bandage, Tissue, Cotton, Paper, Swabs
  • Dried semen Stains on Tissue, underwear, Clothing
  • Dried stains on underwear, sheets, pads, tampons
  • Razor shavings
  • Bone, teeth, tissue from deceased individual
  • Dried Saliva from toothbrush, bottles, cans, butts, stamps, used tissue, pacifier, hat, etc.

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