what can be used to test for DNA

We can test items for knowledge non standard testing such as toothbrush,women’s panty crotches or blood-, saliva-, or semen-stained items, collars, waistbands, hats, bedding with vaginal/semen stains or rubbed off skin cells), fingernail clippings, cigarette butts, toothbrushes, hairs in razors and hairbrushes, discarded facial tissues or handkerchiefs with nasal secretions, condoms, gum, feminine products, pathology paraffin blocks or slides from previous surgery or from autopsy,  teeth, blood, buccal swabs, hairs, bone,  tissues from internal organs (including brain), muscle, and skin, ear wax, dental floss, toothpick, umbilical cord (dried), fecal matter, vomit, prenatal fluids/cultures, paraffin embedded tissue, teeth, bone marrow, bone used kleenex used handkerchief, urine fluid, licked envelope or stamp.


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