Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) are comprehensive evaluations done in order  to determine an individual’s overall physical capacity level with respect to work-related activities  The entire evaluation consists of taking history, physical exam, and functional testing, which usually takes about 3 hours based on injured body parts .

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DOT and Non DOT drug test

Difference between DOT and Non DOT urine collection
DOT urine collection follows federal regulation protocols; however, the Non DOT is not. In DOT urine collection, the donor is required to provide 45 ml urine. The collector pours 30 ml of the urine in the specimen bottle and will be sealed by “A” label and 15 ml in another specimen bottle and will be sealed with “B” label.

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Dr. Mersedeh Eghdami

Consolidated Health Management Team # 11

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